Interested in renting a room?

First check that there is a suitable space in the timetable for the room you are interested in, then get in touch.

For a group class in the Main Studio you need to allow a 30-minute transfer time between teachers. This gives enough time for clients to leave and the set up of the room to be adjusted.

The Small Studio and the Therapy Room are rented out by the half day, morning and afternoon with 2pm as the change over. So when planning client bookings a transfer time needs to be allowed between therapists.

It is a great honour to work at The Bodywise Studio, I feel blessed and lucky to be part of it. The Studio has a great atmosphere, has all resources you need, it is clean, fair priced, and Ruth runs it in such an organised and friendly manner. All therapists, teachers and students have care and praise for the studio and all of it makes a wonderful place to work from.

Angela, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I rent the rooms out as a regular weekly commitment. I don't do any adhoc bookings. This venue is not suitable for dance or for children's activities.

I offer a soft start to help teachers and therapists who are new to the Studio get their business up and running.

Sending me an email is the easiest way to start an enquiry about renting a room. I will then email you all the paperwork (contract, charging policy etc) so that you can get a feel for what's involved. If you are still interested then we will meet at the Studio to discuss it in more detail and to show you the premises. At this meeting I will need to see your qualifications, insurance and first aid certificate. If you want to go ahead I will hold the room for you while you do some marketing. Just before you start working from the Studio we will meet again to sign the contract and do a full induction.

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