Interested in renting a room?

The Small Studio and The Therapy Room are open and available to rent. Are you ready to start working with your clients in person?
The Main Studio The Bodywise Studio Cambridge

The government has published its plan, the Roadmap, to bring us out of lockdown. It is a 4 step process with time for analysis of the situation between each step. There are provisional dates for each step, but those might change as the consequences of each step are analysed. This is what it seems to mean for The Bodywise Studio:

We are now at Step 2: individuals can start using indoor gyms and personal care services can resume. The Small Studio and The Therapy Room are open and available to rent.

Step 3, currently scheduled for 17th May, is when indoor group classes can resume probably with a maximum of 6 participants. The Main Studio will be able to open.

Step 4, currently scheduled for 21st June might allow for normal group class sizes. This all depends on a study into the transmissibility of the virus once the vaccination program is largely complete.

It is a great honour to work at The Bodywise Studio, I feel blessed and lucky to be part of it. The Studio has a great atmosphere, has all resources you need, it is clean, fair priced, and Ruth runs it in such an organised and friendly manner. All therapists, teachers and students have care and praise for the studio and all of it makes a wonderful place to work from.

Angela, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

When you get in touch I will email you all the paperwork (contract, charging policy etc) so that you can get a feel for what's involved. If you are still interested then we will meet at the Studio to discuss it in more detail and to show you the premises. At this meeting I will need to see your qualifications, insurance and first aid certificate. If you want to go ahead I will hold the room for you while you do some marketing. Just before you start working from the Studio we will meet again to sign the contract and do a full induction.

Every effort is made to keep staff and clients safe. You can read our Covid Policy here.