General Data Protection Regulations

If you rent a room from me I will need to hold some data about you. 
The Main Studio The Bodywise Studio Cambridge

What data I store and how I store it

  • I keep your contract, qualifications, insurance, first aid certificate and paper based communication in a locked filing cabinet in the office in the studio.

  • When you stop renting a room I take all your records home. I keep them for 8 years after you finished renting the room, to match the legal requirement for keeping client records (7 years plus a buffer, as I am unlikely to destroy the records on the exact anniversary that you left), in case a client of yours makes a complaint.

  • I hold your business contact details on The Bodywise Studio website.

  • If I write you a letter I will keep a copy of it on my password protected laptop.

  • I keep your phone and email contact details in my password protected gmail and mobile phone accounts

  • I keep email and text communications that we exchange in my password protected gmail account, my Wix account (contact page) and mobile phone account.

  • My website is a Wix website and it does use cookies to collect data.  I don’t consciously use this data.


How and why I contact you

  • I email or text when there is an administrative need relating to your contract.

  • I email or text with client referrals or other offers of work.

  • You can opt-in to receive invitations to any additional workshops, sessions, classes, promotional events or charitable events that I am organising or delivering. Some of these will be free in order to fulfil the homework requirements of a training course. You can opt-out at any time by emailing me.

Third Party Data Processing

  • Other than Google Mail, my Wix website and my mobile phone I do not use any other service to store personal data.

  • I share your business contact details with potential clients or other sources of paid work

  • I share your contact details with other teachers and therapists at The Bodywise Studio to facilitate the smooth running of the Studio